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Epilepsy warning: a secret section of this game contains flashing that may make it unsuitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy or other photosensitive conditions.

Bryce's Movement Engine¹ is a retro-style, niche, abandonware-era platform game, covering 12 zones of colorful, vibrant action, arcade sequences, boss fights and hidden secrets! Score points for goodies and beat your friends to high scores (thanks Steam leaderboards!) and achieve all the achievements to be the envy of your peers!

Be prepared for a trip into yesteryear! Bryce's Movement Engine¹ is an MSDOS Ware meets Post-Trainwreck-era game set in the halcyon days of 1998! Bryce has discovered a time portal in his Big Game Maker™ Box and has uses it to return to 22 years ago when Big Game Maker™ was released!

In a not-entirely-unfamiliar area of an East Virginia-come-New South Wales-come-classic entertainment culture surroundings, he jumps, falls, runs and jetgasses himself around twelve (count them!) zones of nostalgic platforming and arcade action. Be the game!

An all-new classic adventure! BME¹ is the ultimate tribute to a mega-cool era of awesome gaming!

  • Think Skunny, Super Bubsy, Wizkid II, Apogee and DOS-era freeware!
  • Dozens upon dozens of Web 1.0 game development in-jokes and obscure references!
  • Anti-heroic protagonist with an adorably utilitarian personality!
  • Original country-jazz AOR/MOR soundtrack!
  • Super slick gameplay on Windows! Modern graphical upgrades and smooth 60fps motion!
  • Occasional pop culture references to late-nineties television and late-eighties music!
  • World map! Long forgotten but sorely missed yet irrelevant high-scores! Both platforming and old-skool arcade gameplay mechanics!
  • Painstakingly sentimental recreation of level designs from an esoteric freeware game series!


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What am I supposed to do in Goldflumpfing after the checkpoint? There seems to only be one path, but it's apparently wrong.

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Here's a video of how to do the level! (I've grabbed the right time at the checkpoint, but if it doesn't work skip to 23:52! )


Ah, wrap-around levels. My greatest foe.

Anyway, I completed the game. It was quite good. Even left a Steam review to boost The Algorithms™ (and will buy the soundtrack as soon as I get some Steam inventory trash sold).


If you don't mind one more potentially dumb question, how do I get the "Nurse Brydna!" and "Actually Bossed Larger Still!" achievements?

The Nurse achievement is in the final level, I'm not sure anyone's actually found it yet cause it's another secret ;)

Checking the source (cause I've since forgotten haha) it seems you get the Bigger Boss achievement also on the final level, did you walk to the right after destroying the walking boss?


Found the nurse achievement after a while (thought you meant Epicbase with "final level", you see). Somehow, it even managed to scare me a little. Impressive.

Can't say I have any idea where to find the other one, though. If you mean the second phase of the fight, I did walk to the right for several minutes, but nothing much seemed to happen.

Thanks for playing to the end! Really appreciate the review, hope you enjoy the soundtrack! :D